Instrumental problems/ rain

None off the aircrafts listed in the update is still the same as the last update last year none off the instrumental are animated or moving with along with the aircraft and it worked for only one day and am highly disappointed in this issue and or problem, also I don’t have any actions buttons such as opening doors and or using the vipers btw where’s the rain lol

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First off, rain has not been added yet. Wipers are not a working feature. What exactly is your issue, I’m confused?

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Not sure what you think was updated, but please read this:

Everything that was updated ^^

Hey there! Have you gone and updated the Infinite Flight app to version 20.1 yet?

Rain is not a feature yet…perhaps it will come someday!

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Did you update the 20.1 update?

Animated Cockpits:

Aircraft Update that animated cockpits were added
A318 19.4 Update
A319 19.4 Update
A320 19.4 Update
A321 19.4 Update
A359 19.4 Update
B737 20.1 Update
B738 20.1 Update
B739 20.1 Update
B772ER 20.1 Update
C172 19.4 Update
CC-19 19.2 Update
TBM930 19.4 Update
A-10 18.6 Update

Airplane Wipers:

As per wipers on the aircraft, only the new Boeing 777-200ER and the CRJ 200-1000 variants have working wipers. This feature will be implemented to other aircraft in the future as Infinite Flight works on updating their full fleet to their new standards!

Operable Doors:
Only the Boeing 777-200ER, Airbus A350-900, Cessna 172, CC-19 XCUB, Daher TBM930, and the Republic A-10 have doors that open to an extent. Since the B772 was the most recent aircraft, it is the aircraft with the most functions. Same for the wipers, this will be something that the Infinite Flight Team will work on implementing on all future aircraft

Clouds and Rain:
The first iteration of clouds are in the works as per a development stream with our lead developers. As to when the first iteration of clouds will be out though, I am unsure.

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The CRJ series has it too :)