Instrument written? Pass or Failed?

Today, after a month and a half of sleepless nights, I decided to take my FAA instrument written exam. After what seemed like a long time taking the test and being stressed, I finished it. I did not want to see my score, but when I did, it said I made a 90%. There are 60 questions on it and I only missed 6… so if you do the math, thats 54/60 correct. IMG_1236


Huge congrats to you mate! 👍


Thank you! It’s good to have the stress off of my shoulders


Well done 👏👏


Congratulations 🎉

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Congratulations! Just curious what questions (Learning statement codes) did you miss? If you don’t mind sharing

90%, how?! That test was difficult. I guess I can’t complain, as I fared better than the student taking his powerplant next to me.


Awesome news for u!
I’ll stay away from that probably…

Congrats!! Big accomplishment

Amazing! Congrats on passing the test! :smiley:

The instrument test was easy. The General, Airframe, and Powerplant test is no joke. Hardest tests I’ve ever taken.

Btw nice job Ryan @N1RG


Congrats man! Job well done!

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A much deserved congratulations, well done!


@TylerShah I missed a holding question and 5 other ones I don’t remember. Really not a big deal to me Bc I passed!

@Ryan spent two months working on this everyday for 5 hours! I also had a lot of mentoring along the way which pushed me through it!

@Brandon_Sandstrom and @Dubya thanks! Means a lot you guys said that!

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Yeah, I definitely didn’t do that. I spent maybe 5 hours total studying.

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Wow! How does one even do good on the test? Lol. But yeah… I pretty much only worked and studied for those two months I studied.

Did you pass?

What material did you use?

Huge congrats!

🥂🥂🍾 not sure if you’re old enough but what the heck!

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Sheppard Air! Literally the only way to go