Instrument Toolbar

Hello everyone! I did see one topic posted about this but it was pretty old and closed so I figured it’d be okay to bring it up again.

Just wanted to see how everyone organized the instrument toolbar on the bottom of their screen and how others utilize Flight Data Configuration 1, 2, and 3? Was maybe looking for some new ideas!

I currently use 1 for on the ground, 2 for takeoff and cruise, and 3 for descent and approach.

I got a new iPad Pro today and it’s much larger than my previous iPad so I now have 12 data spots across the bar versus the 7 I had before and now I don’t know what to do with myself 😂

Nice idea! I like how you use your status bars. I use my three for the following:

1: Commercial flights
2: GA flights
3: Military flights


Wait I’m so dumd I read it worng oml

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Lol I don’t need help but thank you. It was just a simple question to see how others have it organized. The app has been updated several several times since that post and many features added.

Yea I read it working like a smol brain

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