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Hi Community, I was recently talking with my airline buddy and he said that there will be a need for pilots in the next coming years. While telling his story, CFI at 19, and was flying a Metro liner at 20 where he flew it for over 1000 hours, Now he is a at a regional at 22 and has about 3000 hours logged as a pilot. So my question for ALL airline pilots or pilots, would it be too much too get an IR and a Commercial Rating at the same time? I understand it might be hard and the checkride might be long but im willing to do put in the work for it.


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That would be a heck of a lot of work… I’d go for one at a time


It’d make more sense to do your PPL and commercial at the same time. I don’t know of any FAR that says you cant take multiple checkrides in one day, but the final call would be with your CFI, as they are the one that gives you the endorsement to take the checkride.
Instrument is a horse of a different color from the commerical and private curriculum, I think you wouldn’t be developing your skills adequately if you tried to cram them together.

So, possible? Yes
Practical? Absolutely not

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I have my PPL already. I disagree about the commercial and private. There two totally different things. I’ve talked with many airline pilots, my buddy who’s a pilot and such and they agree to do them together

Yah totally get that. But I’ve talked with multiple people and they say it’s a good idea. I’ve got enough time to do both and meet most of the requirements

They arent that different… You do essentially the same things as private, just with a smaller margin for error. Its manuvers and cross countries. Yes, its more complex, but the commercial is more similar to the PPL than it is the Inst.

It would be tough to get both certs at the same time, after thinking about it. You can’t practice your commercial manuvers under the hood, and you cant log Inst. time unless you’re in IFR or under the hood, so it would take you longer to get it done. All of your hours go towards your commercial, so earn your instrument rating then jump straight into commercial. It is common advice to take your commercial knowledge shortly after you take your PPL (and study) because again, its very similar. Your commercial is PPL 2.0. These are just my thoughts, per your request.

It sounds like you already have your mind made up though, so good luck!

It’s similar for sure agree but I want too do Instr./commercial as close as I can. Why would you get your ppl than go straight to commercial without an Instr. you would have so many restrictions

Correct, you would. My suggestion is assuming that the student is working on the ratings in rapid succession. Also, my suggestion was taking the commercial knowledge exam right after the PPL, not the commercial checkride, as the student wouldn’t qualify (short on the 250 hours). Most people do their instrument then go straight into their commercial, taking both checkrides fairly close together (if the student is an active flier).

You’re absolutely right though, it makes no sense to get your PPL and then your commceial Certificate without an instrument rating.

And the way I see this is Bc I have bought hours for both so that’s why I want too get them done asap

I don’t blame you man! If you have the hours already, that changes things a bit. I would just ask your CFI and other CFI’s at your FBO what they think. Like i said, I dont know of any regulations that keep you from doing both simultaneously, and if you can get it done, more power to you! I know you’ll be relieved to have both done and under your belt.

For sure. I’m actually going to the big airport Class C on Thursday too see and talk with them

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