Instrument procedures with the Flight Plan API


As we all know, SIDs and STARs are coming to IF in 20.1 (super excited). I had a quick question about potential changes to Live API. Will SIDs/STARs be represented through the flight plan API as individual waypoints, or as a whole procedure referenced by name?

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I just saw ocean tracks announced too! That’s awesome.

I’m extending this question to that too, since this would impact my codebase (not in a bad way, just some changes would have to be made) depending if they are represented through the API as individual waypoints.

They’ll be represented as procedures at launch, but I’ll work on some improvements to this as soon as possible

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Ok, thank you for the early notice! Will there be a “database” (like the nav data files) to go off from in terms of implementing them?

Not publicly available for all countries - the FAA have data for the US (in ARINC424 format… good luck) :)

Ideally, we’ll just provide the coordinates from the API directly from our db and avoid mismatched databases

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Ok thank you! That’ll make things quite a bit easier!

I’m assuming the file would eventually be in the Navigation repo? No rush though!

I’m afraid it won’t be, it’s licensed to us only

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Oh sorry I misunderstood it.

Is there a possibility of having a file with only a list of latitude and longitude coordinates for each procedures?

We can’t publish all the data we have in a repository as it’s proprietary and licensed to us.

We will try and have the API return the relevant waypoints though so they can be used in trackers and other API use cases :)

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Ok that makes sense! A such API sounds great! Thank you so much for clearing this up!