Instrument Procedures Tutorial

I’m finally able to enjoy the game and wow I’m very impressed thank you 😊


Very helpful indeed

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question when handed off to app can I request to continue my filled STAR btw im TS so I don’t expect them too kno 100% but on expert would app already kno my STAR and allow me to fly it without any vectors.

thanks for reply :)

Once you’ve contacted Approach you should make your approach request, whether ILS, GPS, or Visual. They can advise you to continue as filed from there.

Watch my Descent tutorial on that exact thing here:


AMAZING! I was just waiting u guys to post about this! It’s so useful and I’m happy that we can now fly with more realism and with real procedures (TOP 2 best things of the update) :)


Yeet thanks so much i needed all the help

Thanks for the great tutorial Tyler as always!


This is so helpful Thank You so much

Explanation is very simple. Loved it

No need to be rude Artem… They put loads of effort into this update.

Thanks for that

Thanks for the tutorial.
Personally, i’m predicting mid air accidents with this update lol. I could be wrong and highly unlikely that they happen.
Let’s see how we go, this’ll take sometime for me personally to gather.

The approach lines don’t appear for me, is there something I did incorrect?

I just have one question adding onto my above question. What if I contact approach and they say continue as filed but the STAR is messed up because of the extra waypoint in there leading to me being too high for the intercept?

I enjoy the LNAV, and Banana. The interesting thing my approaches to airports when I did my own calculations were not that far off. One more thing…love the airport layout maps…Keep up the good work and thank you!

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Excellent tutorial as always, thank you. I wasn’t really “in the know” regarding proper SIDS/ STARS and realistic mapped departures/ approaches and how to implement them properly and with that this new feature is also a great education into the subject as well. Top marks for the feature and tutelage - approach legend indeed.

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Your altitudes for assigned waypoints can be manually adjusted if you recognize they’re too high. Additionally, you can still expect approach to provide service for your final intercept/altitude unless they can visualize that you’re established on final at an appropriate altitude.

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Am I correct that Infinite Flight will automatically descend to the STARS altitudes set in the flight plan, but will not automatically climb to the SID altitudes set in the flight plan?

You are correct, Robert! VNAV is for descents only at this time. We intend to add the climb aspect of VNAV in a later version. It presented some unique challenges due to a very diverse fleet with varying performance capabilities, all of which can be severely impacted by weight and environment. We want to get it right if we’re going to do it!


Often times I see ATC recommend certain Arrival Procedures but I’m yet to see any recommend Approach Procedures so my question is what is the difference between the two and which should I use when making my FPL?