Instrument Procedures- Setting Minimums on Approaches

I was doing some IFR approaches today in Infinite Flight with the C172, and I noticed that I can’t set minimums into the avionics. When I did my instrument training,(C172-G1000) I was able to set my baro mins to within 10ft, I would see that reflected on my altimeter/and acknowledge audibly when we reach that altitude. Additionally, there would be a box that shows on the PFD when you have minimums set.

For Infinite Flight, I suggest implementing a Minimums box, either in the AP or NAV boxes. Minimums could also be represented on the avionics(for suitable planes), and maybe even have a minimums callout across the board. With IF striving to be a tool for new pilots to practice real-world procedures, I think this feature would suit that desire well. Plus, this feature would assist everyone from instrument students to Airline Pilots in accurately flying IFR procedures within the IF skies. Thanks all!

You got my vote

Awesome! Glad to see.

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