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Hello everyone,

if some of you know how the website or flight aware will have all IFR plates for the United States and it does not have the international airport plates. I was curious is there a website that has all the international ifr plates or no?


Your best best is to just get a jeppesen subscription or Navigraph subscription


What is the cost? as I am kinda tight for money (Blame ATP flight school lol :) )


No idea. If you are going to ATP then you really only need US charts. ForeFlight has all the charts you need. International charts will be a waste of money in my opinion

Jeppesen is not something you want to pay for for sim use. They’re cost prohibitive. The gold standard, yes, but not really a feasible path to take for what you’d use them for.

Just google the “ICAO IFR charts” and you can generally find the Jeppesen packet. Sometimes outdated a tad, but still free and more than enough for IF use.

(Replace ICAO with the actual code in the search.)


“Gold standard” if you mean they just copy government plates and make them “pretty”

Their cost is asinine considering that’s all they do…

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10 dollars for navigraph

I was just baiting you out of hiding.

Of course, you’re the real hero.


What I normally do is just go on google and search “Frankfurt airport Sid Star charts” for example, and I normally come up with a PDF of all the charts, usually from a vatsim website with jeppsen plates or flightaware.

Damn… hook, line, AND sinker…

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Hi @TylerShah

I do the same as @Tim_B but I only type “ICAO charts” on google and I usually get a bunch of various useful links.

As you know I use charts a LOT (especially on a specific day of the of the week for an overnight large group flight 😉) and I now have my top 3 usual links tonfind my plates.

When doing so:

  1. Always check the edition date as it helps choosing between various charts sources;
  2. always make sure your FPL will match your charts and vice versa otherwise the use of charts is pretty much pointless.
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