Instrument flying practice

Hello IFC:

Today I went flying with my good friend Colton and we did some practice approaches to get me ready for instrument checkride. We did 3 NDB approaches along with multiple holds and 2 RNAVs. The weather was marginal VFR with clouds at 2500 feet but that wasn’t a problem since we only needed to be at 2000 for the approaches. Down below are pictures of the flight.



Never seen an NDB approach is it like a VOR approach?

Yeah similar. The needle points to the station/runway and you fly it almost like a LOC approach. There aren’t man NDB approaches left in the US and we don’t actuslly have one published here at my local airport but since our FAF is an NDB we can shoot one

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Thought FAA was getting rid of NDB approaches from the checkride?

They are. My buddy wanted me to learn the hard way, since that is how he learned it. He also showed me how to use it when shooting the ILS, etc

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Okay makes sense now. Hey as long as you guys are having fun. Lol. I had to do it for my checkride unfortunately.

It was cool to learn it even though its not needed. He had to do it on his ride too so that is why he is showing me… even though I have a GPS and such.

I sure hope you didn’t log those NDB approaches since they’re not a published procedure.

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