Instrument error (altitude indicator)

I wasnt able to notice earlier upon taking off that my altitude was indicating +5000FT so upon final approach landing to denver below 1000FT the computer announced, thats the time i knew i was too low good thing that voice saved my life i could have crash on the runway 😂 anyway hope this issue would be fixed right away

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do you mean ´instrument´ error?

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This isn’t an error. Denver International Airport is located at 5,431 ft. The altitude you see (5785 ft) is the altitude about sea level. If you want to see your altitude about ground level, you can show it in the bar below. :)


My altitude indicator is bugged, my apologies i forgot to clarify that one.

It only indicates your altitude above the sea level, the voice in the cockpit mentions altitude above the ground.
In this case denver is around 5000 feet above sea level. So when your on the ground in KDEN the altitude indicator shows you are at 5000 feet.


yeah i understand but i mean Instrument with s after n

Just changed it for him :)

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The altitude indicator represents the altitude in MSL, so it’s measuring the height from average sea level, not ground level. I suggest you put Altitude (AGL) in your hot bar to avoid confusion.

Yup finally solved the problem i just checked now so meaning that you cant change the HUD into MSL after all i was looking at my AGL that i got confused thank you for reminding me.

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Actually HUD is MSL and not AGL, it’s abit easy to get them two mixed up if you haven’t found out the meaning =)

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Yup i should have done that earlier thanks for the advice :(

It’s ok, we all have to start somewhere :)

Don’t forget to mark someone’s helpful comment as the solution to your issue. :)

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Its 5000 feet above see level if you want ground level go to instrument dock and select AGL altitude.

Before you land on 16R/16L at Denver International , there is a steep hill before you reach the runway and at night or if you can’t see it you have a good chance of crashing if your coming in way too low.

I gotta be honest with you guys its my first time flying in this region so i totally dont have any idea. But thanks for the infos good to know.

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