Instrument Dock?

What are the recommended tools to put in the instrument dock?

I put my altitude heading airspeed (ground speed when taxiing) and Internet connection

I would recommend atleast to put:

  • airspeed
  • groundspeed

The rest depends on how you fly and what you want to fly, like in the mountains with a Cessna 208 or flying the A380 on a FPL.

This is mine:

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I put bearing in mine, you need to see where to go!

Bearing on its own it’s like tracking VOR/Fix. If you want to follow full flight plan without looking at the map, you need X-track as well to see how much you are off course. @Nick_Catalano its old school night instrument flying, new aircrafts with like of glass cockpit (G1000) you can’t fly without looking at the map. ;)

I just use my map 😐

Mine: Groundspeed, airspeed, altitude AGL, yoke, dist to dest, ete to dest, load

This is mine:

I usually set Wind instead of Distance to Destination once I am on the ILS.


Groundspeed:Altitude(GL):Wind:Yoke:ETE to next:bearing to next:distance to destination.

I particularly find the ETE to next, bearing to next and distance to destination useful, for accurately following flight plans. Bearing to next means you just tweak your heading in the AP to that value everytime it changes and your plane will always cross the next way point. The distance to destination is also useful for calculating descent starts. Multiply your current (cruising) altitude by 3, and add on about 5-10 and that number is the number of nautical miles away from your destination that you should start your descent. When the dist to destination reaches that value, lower speed to 300kts and descend steadily at -1700f/m. I hope I could help! :)

Looks like we use the same setup!

I use my instrument dock is part of my navigation system. I included weight to remind me to change it during my descent.

This is my status bar / instrument dock :)

this is my exact set up. no joke. except i replaces ETE to next with ETE to dest

Cool pic man!

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It comes down to what’s important for you. Mine goes like this: Ground Speed, Aairspeed, AGL, MSL , Wind, ETA to next, DIS to destination. I will switch between the Distance to destination and Load periodically throughout my flight. As I like to adjust my weight to simulate fuel burn.

Mine is…

ETE to Dest. ,Airspeed,Groundspeed,Yoke,Dist. to Next, Dist. to Dest., Flight Time/Airplane Load

Here is my setup. It’s pretty much has everything to do with navigation.

ETE to next ~ ETE to dest ~ Dist to Dest ~ Bearing ~ Heading ~ AGL Alt ~ GS