Instrument dock "N1"

There is one instrument labelled “N1” in the first page of the instrument dock (left position)- can someone say what it is used for?

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I’ve also been wondering that! Something to do with power setting? It seems N1 can well exceed 100% at high alt too!

The rotational speeds of the engines summarises it pretty well. Serious simmers and real life pilots know that exceeding 100 % can and will probably overheat the engines.


I would never have guessed that one. Thanks.

I moved this to the support category. If my reply is the answer it would be good if you could mark it as the solution so ther users searching for the same answers can find it quickly :)

It would be nice if anyone could agree with me as I am not 100 % sure :)

I have searched for that piece of information in the IF-forum

A brief outline of what the different instruments are used for could become a tutorial I think.
Maybe someone already has the necessary data offline.

What exactly do you need help with? What are you not understanding? PM me and I’ll help you :)

Off topic though, sorry.

A side note on the explanation above - I believe you aim for an N1 reading of 90% for takeoff, so this tends to be putting the throttle to about 85% (but varies per aircraft)

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Hey Samuel,
This topic does not belong in support. Support is for “issues” you are have with the sim, mostly login and crashing issues that David deals with. This is just a question. For other people seeing this, if they don’t know they are supposed to search before and this will come up. And as a general rule we don’t announce when we move topics


The N1-Reading… I do understand the concept but am curious as to what does it mean in the first place- N1.

“N1 is the rotational speeds of the engine sections expressed as a percentage of a nominal value. It is similar to the revolutions per minute (RPM) of a piston engine, expressed in percentage instead of in the actual rate of rotation.”


I thought as much :-)

You wouldn’t believe it: There even is a “N2 Reading”, I have just looked it up. The “N” seems to have been chosen rather randomly.