instructing pilots runway not available

picture the likely scenario that as a tower controller you are departing planes from 31L but then you get some nugget inbound using a FPL requesting to land on 13R. besides issuing the usual pattern inst. for 31L, please follow inst., check help pages, is there a command to tell them that the runway they requested is not available? i.e in clear weather.
yes, this is on playground/TS1 but it’s frustrating when users don’t follow instructions and you are powerless to issue violations. thanks.

when I did nothing showed up but thanks.

It’s not a feature request, just a complaint because pilots on TS1 don’t use the runway in use by the ATC.

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Yes. But it has already been spoken about on the other topic

upon further reading to the topic you linked it doesn’t provide a solution to tower controllers.

I will give the pattern command over and over, followed by you’re not cleared to land, and if they end up on final then they get the warnings.

Yes there is a feature request for a closed button.


Nothing you can do on the training server it’s bound to happen. Do your research and learn as much as you can and join the IFATC team. Where you can control and be taken seriously…most the time.


You would do like you said, give them pattern entry for 31L. If they don’t listen, the normal warnings would be in play, but if they request runway change, you would be able to respond with an unable for their runway change to 13R

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MaxSez: Same old Song! Same old Answer! “Move On”. Your preaching to a choir! Vent you frustration when you make the grade and put IFATC after your name and can punish till your hearts content. As they say; “Pay back is a MedEvac”. Next!

(Pilot’s Flight School Anyone?)


@Zachary_Meir_Tish… MaxSez: Here’s a few tricks that where pulled on me, try them, you’ll like them: Malcontent Aircraft; Execute Missed Approach or execute a 360 for safety or Turn to Heading xxx and vector them to infinity.
Have a nice day…


If you tell them to follow instructions twice they usually behave.

The solution is to graduate to Expert.

I’ll just go to a unicom airport if you want to play the FI game.

Flight school would be great

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No you must stay with the controller. Unicom is for uncontrolled airports only.

Change channels and divert if controller wants to get jerky with me.

Tell them :

He is waiting for you, if you land on the wrong Runway…

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