Instant Stall on Solo

Hi all, when i spawn in to HKJK with the ‘Final Approach RW06’ preset in the A220 as soon as Intap to calibrate i get a stall warning and the aircraft does a right nosedive to the ground, previously it didnt do this. I don’t know if it’s to do with the A220 itself or the update.

See the video below for a visual video:

You seem to have a 126kt tailwind.

While in flight, go to the Weather menu and reset the winds back to 0 - this happens when you’ve been flying on the live server then switch to solo.


Only those experienced enough know how to fly major tailwinds and I am not one of them 😂

yikes ur right, was flying in canada just before lol

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Glad I could help - even I sometimes forget to reset the winds when I do some practicing in solo mode.

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Thanks for the report!