Instant IFC Removal

Hi guys,

I think it is about time for another quick reminder about forum policy. With the recent addition of @schyllberg and @NEO as moderators and the ever increasing numbers of members, it is more important than ever that guidelines are clear and easy to understand. You can find information about our moderation style here. It also includes information on suspension times, something we would like to bring back up.

Our general policy is as followed:

  • 3 days
  • 7 days
  • 30 days

For the new members here, please remember that these are a general guideline, and the moderators reserve the right to amend or bypass this structure at any time they deem necessary. A few recent events have made it necessary for us to entirely bypass the whole structure.

New Members 

Please make a point of reading through the several meta topics made before. They will be linked at the bottom of this post. Secondly, please take the time to read the pinned posts at the top of each category. Be aware, if you cannot post in a specific category, it is because your trust level is too low. Finally, please do not create more than one account, as both us and the system will pick up on them and remove them.

Experienced Members 

You guys should know all of this by now. A reminder that we can manually demote you from TL3 (regular) if we deem it needed. We are also keeping an eye out for general behaviour on all social media platforms if we see them interacting with any Infinite Flight based account. Furthermore, it is of the most importance that you realise we will remove your account for serious offenses, no matter how experienced you are on this forum.

Immediate Removal

As noted above, we will remove accounts, no matter their history, if there is any relation or link to a severe breach of forum rules such as racism or homophobia. This may be from their primary account or a linked duplicate account. We reserve the right to do this for whatever reason and without notice. Out of seeking clarity for people reading this, please find a recent incident below for a clear example of a severe breach of forum rules. The post contained both explicit and racist language.


Useful Links

Beginners Guide to the Forum
Moderation on the Forum
Respecting Other Members
Dealing with Racism
Using External Photos
IFATC Ghosting Topics
Trust Levels
Guidelines and Flagging


Thank You Misha for this important Reminder! Much needed on IFC :)


Professional. 🤦‍♂️🙄 IFC is awesome, take it or leave it.


Awesome, these are some great reminders for every single member to constantly be aware of on this wonderful community in general!


Wow, that example photo makes me sad. This is a very helpful reminder to everyone in the Community and new Members as well :)


Great reminder to all the new members! Imho this forum is very fair, and the suspension guidelines are clearly set out. Should keep this community a friendly place!


I’m all for these reminders, but have a query:

Do you guys still do the one year suspensions offcially - as there are many users who have received that? And what would cause a one year suspension, as opposed to 30 days and permanent ban?


Will admit I thought this was a DM to me at first and just saw “Instant IFC removal” panicked for a bit there 😓


When I read the title, the first thing that crossed my mind was that Infinite Flight was retiring the form:-/


I thought that misha got banned Sarcasm

Joking aside, Will you guys give chance for new members?


We give everyone a chance. In fact, several chances.


I have a question:

Do you remove users who are less than 13 years old? It is written in our forum guidelines that every user shall not be under 13. But sometimes I see on some IFC profils some guys saying that they are 12 years old or less.
Do you tolerate them but if they do a single mistake they are suspended or you remove them directly when you see that they are too young?

Thanks for keeping this community clean mods! You are doing a great job!


I know some members here are under 13 but they haven’t been suspended, as long as they act mature I think it’s ok.


No they don’t. They treat everyone equally and give everyone multiple chances.


Sometimes when they are given new chances, they don’t change. When someone is given a new chance, to me it means they will change the way they will behave in the forums. I really hope these new rules can help New Members understand what Moderators can do if they don’t behave.

As long as we’re all friendly and helpful to one another, everyone will be happy and can get along well :)


So your going to be monitoring members twitter, facebook, and other social media platforms for bad behavior and other such if Ifts associated with any Infinite flight related pages.


Nobody is monitoring anyone. That would be nuts.
But the IF’s Instagram & Facebook are being maintained by some of the same people moderating this place. So it makes sense :)


That does make sense. Just wanting to make sure I want too understand it all completely.

Please do not try to create and issue where the is not one. It is not needed. It is very obvious that if someone types ‘oh I ******* hate xyz on the forum’ whilst commenting on the IF post, that is not acceptable! 🙂