Installation LiveFlight

Would anyone want to help me with the full installation of LiveFlight on an iMac?


Feel free to send me a message to help me!

Thank you very much for the help that is offered!


Wow, that set up it’s quite amazing, I would want one too!


Hi! I have a very similar setup as you! I have an Imac and here are the instructions;
Step 1. Go to app store and install “LiveFlightConnect.”
Step 2. When you installed LiveFlightConnect, when you enter there should be a
“Connecting” sign. Make sure that you’re ipad and your Imac are on the same wi-fi
Step 3. When you have LiveFlightConnect ready, enter Infinite flight on your Ipad and go to
Step 4. Scroll down, and click “Enable LiveFlightConnect”
Step 5. Enter A solo flight in Infinite flight, and look at your Imac’s screen and see if it says
Step 5. Once again, go to settings, and calibrate your yoke.
Step 6. Enter a flight, and test the flight controls.
Step 7. Enjoy your Yoke!

Hope this helps mate :)

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Well, thanks mate!

Is there a possibility to display the screen of my iPad on my iMac? Because on an iPad only this is quite small.

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks, buddy! 😀

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Yes, there is! I mirror my Ipad pro using “Quicktime player” on my Imac and macbook pro. "Quicktime player is an apple app that is already installed on your mac. In Quicktime player, there is a little arrow next to the record button, and when you press the arrow, your Ipad’s name should appear there. Just select your device, and it will mirror your screen from your ipad to your imac! That’s exactly what I do! This is the what it should look like;
Here is a video explaining what to do. Hope it helps!

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You really are a hero! Thank you very much for the help!

I wish you nice flights! ✈️


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Anytime man! Glad this helped for you,
Happy Landings!


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