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I wanna know if I buy infinite flight in my phone, then with the same account, can I download it for free in my other device? Or I need to pay 1,09€ again,
Thank you

I believe if you have an Apple iPhone. Then you can have a family account where you can share apps across other devices. I’m not sure about Android though.

You can also use your account on another device yes, but you cannot fly simultaneously on both devices.


If the device you want to download it to is on the same google account/apple id, then yes, you won’t have to pay twice

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Well if your other device is a apple device as well then yes, you can download infinite flight for free in that other device since that purchase is already in you Apple ID.

Like what he said.

Regarding the topic about downloading infinite flight in a different device.

Yes, you can download Infinite Flight on another device if that device is linked to the same Apple ID.

You can also download Infinite Flight through Family Sharing for free if you are linked with another Apple ID of your family that has Infinite Flight purchased.

If you have questions about the steps then here they are.

  1. Click on the App Store.

Here is where the steps differ. If you have IF purchased on your Apple ID then you will follow steps 2-3. If you are using family sharing to download and install IF then you will follow steps 4-

  1. Click on search then search IF.
  2. Search for the app then just click the cloud button with the arrow down.

  1. Click on your profile in the top right corner
  2. Click on purchases
    Click on your family members icon
  3. Use the search bar for IF
  4. Click the cloud icon with the down arrow

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