Instagram's Q400 FO PilotRashid next on FlightCast - Questions?

It’s been a while since we asked for questions! Rashid has graciously agreed to join us for a chat about his very unique journey to becoming a pilot in Canada from Pakistan.

Check out his instagram posts, and give him a follow. If you have any real world aviation questions for Rashid, please post them here.



Question: If you could fly any aircraft in any part of the world, what aircraft and where?

Love the podcasts guys, great work!

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What inspired you to move from Pakistan to Canada? Instead of, Europe/the US?
I´ve experienced the culture difference from Europe to America, how was it adjusting to the Canadian culture?
Considering you moved from Pakistan to Canada, which is a very big move for you and your career, what´s your best advice for people sitting in a country like Pakistan and wanting to fly in America?

  1. How does the Q400’s performance differ from any other airliner powered by jet engines? (ex. Are the turning capabilities the same? What are the aircraft’s limitations due to it having propellers instead of jet engines?)

  2. Some pilots who fly turboprops always wish to be upgraded to the jets, do you?

  3. What’s the biggest advantage in flying a turboprops over the jetliner?

from your prespective, Why flying Turboprop is better than flying jets?

Did you choose the prop life or did the prop life choose you?

My actual question is do you prefer props or jets, and why?


During the single engine taxi, when do you start up the second engine?

How was the experience when you transitioned from being a private pilot to a commercial pilot?

What did you family think about it when you said you wanted to be a pilot and did they support you?
Now that you are a pilot do they they feel differently?

When landing the Q400 is it softer to land on one wheel or on both wheels.

As I’ve mostly seen Dashes land on one wheel.

What is the most challenging aspect of piloting the Q400?

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What is the best part of flying the Q400 Dash 8? Why?
What do you prefer, heavy traffic or little traffic at airports? I know, a bit of a weird question

QUESTION: Was it hard to be a pilot at the beginning of your career?

QUESTION: what are your thoughts on cheese curd and poutine?

Thanks guys! Keep 'em coming.

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My Questions for Pilot Rashid:

  1. Who was your biggest influence or role model during your journey to become a pilot?

  2. Where do you see yourself in ten years in reference to relocation (if ever) and what other planes would you like to fly?

  3. If you could change anything during your trek what would it be?

Cheers Jason,
Chris Levet

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Hey oscar_mur

Canada is definitely home and as much as I wanted to move away somewhere in the gulf when I first started flying…I think I’d like to stay here for the foreseeable future. I would love to fly the 777X one day in my career for sure tho…=)




Hey Emil

I had grown up in Canada so I had a lot of ties to it already and it was an easy choice even though I did look into going to Australia/New Zealand for training. It was still a culture shock for me still returning to both Pakistan initially and returning to Canada as I was a lot younger when it all happened.

For people that want to fly in Canada/US that are not residents or citizen…I think it is a challenging discussion as immigration rules have become a lot tighter over the years and it makes it difficult for foreign pilots to be able to be able to hold jobs. Not say it is impossible, I know many of my close friends who are some of the smartest people I know overcome this barrier to entry…They completed their training, got jobs as flight instructors and waited till they were able to become Permanent Residents and then moved into regional airlines. It’s definitely a tougher road but it isn’t impossible by any means.


Hey Reltzer

  1. The Q400 under its category is definitely one of the fastest turbo-props in the market. It is fuel efficient and sometimes only 10-minutes slower on some of the shorter routes such as Toronto-Ottawa or Toronto-Montreal compared to our B737NG services.
    As far as handling goes, I haven’t flown any jets yet in my career yet but from what I understand it handles very well. We aren’t a fly-by-wire aircraft either so there is definitely more real feel to the controls. It is definitely much more easier to slow down as well with having props when we need to because of the immense drag that they can create. There are actually more systems involved with the Turboprops than there in the Turbofan as well.

  2. They sure do but it depends. Pilots in their careers care more about their schedule/time off and of course pay. I know so many people that if they were able to sometimes get better schedules on turbo-props they wouldn’t ever leave. The jets do longer legs which also means in comparison to a regional pilot that they will end up working less. Also regional pilots work much harder because the amount of work to set up for a flight from Toronto to Vancouver is the same as Toronto to Ottawa…we can end up doing the Ottawa flight 4x a day where as the jets will only do it once or twice.

As far as my personal opinion is…I do want to move into the jets but not so fast…I like the up and down, keeps me sharper and more hands on for now. I would definitely like to move onto the jets one day but I’m quite enjoying this right now so I’m not really focused on the next thing for myself. :)

Thanks for the question!



Thanks a lot for the answer, still learning something new everyday! :)