Instagram Avation Spotters

Cool I will follow you!!!


infinite__aviation is mine :)

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now you can find us at

andre_norway is mine :-)

If you’re looking for more accounts for both spotting and invite flight check out this list;

This isn’t a duplicate accusation just showing you some more information


I’m @sdf_spotter.

I post IF screenshots and The best DFW planespotting pics @fanofflight777 on IG

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I have 3
I stream all the interesting airport operations with cool aircraft on the project hawks page


ok I will go and follow you

That list is outdated, my Insta username changed and no one has changed it there. Same for a bunch of other accounts

This is me now

Have you commented below that you’re name has changed? You can’t expect someone to monitor all of those accounts. Also, I posted that just to give the user more names to pick from no need to get fussy over it

Mine is Indianapolis.airport.spotter I have some vids of FedEx at IND, FR24 finds, my landings, when I went to ORD, and various other videos! Gotta love KIND<------- even the name is awesome 😂


If you followed me I’d be happy, I have some nice pictures lol

I followed you. Nice pictures. Are you following @ord_planes_and_aviation ?

My aviation Instagram account: @m_estaviation :) follow if you want

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Mine is andre_norway

Was at Oslo airport today.(osl)


Mine is @daz15aviation

I wanted to update everybody since my website has changed: