Inspiration of Japan

Inspiration of JAPAN

Hello IFC

As you all know there are new liveries which came with the 21.1 Beta, so i decided to fly the new ANA livery on the B77W from Tokyo to London.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

s t u f f

Server: Expert
Flight time: 11hrs 48mins
Route: RJTT to EGLL
Cruising altitude: FL320 → FL340 → FL360 → FL380
Cruising speed: Mach 0.84
Aircraft: B777-300ER
Airlines: ANA
Beverage: Green Tea
Food: Ramen

Shiny, new livery

Crosswind takeoff

Climbing to FL320 while snacks are being served

Cruising over Konan, Niigata

Somewhere over Russia

Cruising over Norway

Another view with Mountains over Norway

Final Runway 09L

Slowing down

Parked at the gate

Hope you liked it!


Did this route yesterday as well!

Beautiful shots, my favorite is the one with Mt. Fuji. ana🗻

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Thank you :)

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These are wonderful shots… the landscapes are so beautiful and pretty nice livery!

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All the pics look🔥, good job !

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Thank you so much @Julien_Narayanasawmy and @Jay757 😊

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Good to know, good to know

Love it!

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This is so good!


Thank you @Cap_J and @RadarVectors_Mumbai :)

I forgot to mention that rice crackers were the snacks served 😂


Looks really good. 👍

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Thank you!

Cool Pictures 😊

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Beautiful! I liked the second picture most!

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Wow!! Amazing shots!!😍

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Thank you so much @Henrik003, @MaxicoAirways and @BAK_UOV 😊


Mochi too haha
Wow!! Impressive!

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Ah yes Mochi, forgot about that too lol

Thank you 😊

Super duper shots

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Thank you very much :)

Amazing shots. No wonder this was the most requested livery to be added.

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