Inspiration from flight 1

Recently I flew from Brussels to Nice with the British Airways 787 (excuse unrealistic-ness) and then back from Nice to Brussels in the A320 EasyJet. This was a new area for me so when I saw what I think were the alps on my first flight, I decided to have another look, this time flying closer to them.

Flight Details

Server: Expert
Route 1: EBBR - LFMN
Route 2: LFMN -EBBR
Flight Time: Roughly 30 minutes

I highly recommend this route to anyone who is looking for a short scenic flight.

Taking off out of Brussels for the first time

Flying over the Alps and thinking, “I have to do this again”.

On final at Nice (LFMN)

Parked at Nice

I understand that these have not been the best photos but I feel it’s best to share the idea.
Now for the next flight, LFMN to EBBR.

Let’s skip straight to flying over the alps in our A320 EasyJet.

On final at EBBR

Nothing better than a greased landing

Thanks for looking at these shots. Feedback is greatly appreciated.