Inside the VA: Aeroméxico Virtual


Inside the VA: Aeroméxico Virtual (AMVA)

Just in time for the start of the new year, the second edition of Inside the VA is here! During the month of December, I spent some time getting to know AMVA a little better. I certainly learned some new things about the VA that I wouldn’t have known otherwise, and I greatly enjoyed interviewing them!

Again, it’s my hope that every community member who reads these articles will come away with a better feel for the featured VA that they wouldn’t get otherwise through a thread or website. You can access this article below:éxico-virtual-amva

Please, leave feedback either on the blog website or below! I’d love to hear from anyone that wants to see a future article like this or has enjoyed getting to know AMVA a little better.

V1, Rotate is a group of writers consisting of @Thunderbolt, @JarrettFlies, @ToasterStroodie, @TheAviationGallery, @Pingu, @Suhas and @Yacht that regularly publishes article relating to Infinite Flight and aviation.


Wow, this sure is an excellent read! Great work, Yacht! Now I’m tempted to join the VA! 👀


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