Inside the Fence Spotting at KDEN

Inside the fence access has given me the opportunity to take some great photos at DIA/DEN. The photos have been taken at different times, but this is my first time sharing them so there will be a lot. This will likely be a multiple part post. All photos by me on a Galaxy, some on Nikon D7100. Enjoy!

Lufthansa 747-400 Taxing after arriving from Frankfurt.

Lufthansa 747-400 rolling down 34L, the longest runway in the US.

International Tails at DEN. Front to back: Icelandiar 757-200, Lufthansa 747-400, British Airways 747-400. A Lufthansa A330-300/A340-600 also arrives daily form Munich.

Untied 787-8 Off to Narita.

United 787-8 Pulling up to the ramp.

The wide-bodied 787-9 next to a CRJ, Kingair 350, and and A320. Amazing to see the size difference.

787-8 and the iconic DIA tents.

Mass de-icing after the snow.

Frontier A318 being de-iced, causing large delays.

Great Lakes being hosed off for a safe flight.

Icelandiar 757-200 feeling right at home in the ice.

The massive C-5 Galaxy. Used to see these all the time when I lived at Travis AFB.

DEN rush hour. At 9:00 AM, all gates in terminal A&B are filled.

Eastern Air chartered 737-700 for the San Fransisco Giants. One ugly livery!

Jet Blue A319 in Red Sox Livery. Again, one ugly livery!

Unmarked 747-400F for the Christmas rush.

Hope you enjoyed! I have several more to come soon, short final shots.


It’s an A320, actually and I’m quite offended by that comment haha. ;)

In all seriousness, really nice pics. :)


Wow. Some of these are so good! I think my fave is the mass de-icing one 🙂


Amazing! More of these please.

Wow nice shots.

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Nice shots! I thought Frontier retired their A318s though.

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It’s a 737-800

Your one lucky person to get in there, favorite one has got to the Icelandair covered in ice

So excited seeing another person spotting at KDEN. You have much more access then I do but thank you for this. I’ve never actually seen the internationals gate and the only international aircraft I’ve seen in person is the Icelandair. So thank you :)

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Yea, I agree, that belongs in a magazine somewhere

Wow! Amazing pics there! Great job! My fave one was the Eastern 737-700… Didn’t understand why you thought it was ugly.

Dodger fan. The Eastern part is cool, the Giants part, not so much.

Very nice photos :)

Nice photos, it’s been a long time since I’ve been out to Denver (2003!), reminds me I’ll need to head out that way again soon.

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Is the runway longer than Edwards’s? Very nice photos though and I really like the unmarked 747 for some reason!

I love the international tailes pic so much

Longest paved runway in the US. 16,0001 feet, likely this long due to the high elevation. Edwards longest is 39,600; but it’s not paved. The longest paved at Edwards is 15,023 feet long.

Amazing photos. I was just at DEN a few days ago and saw some of the same aircraft.

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