Inside the control tower view

So anyone who has controlled tower and ground knows we have 3 tower view options but the third is blank. I would like to see a virtual control room in this view. Honestly I’m surprised no one has brought this up before. It would be a lot more realistic to look out windows, and around computer to see the ramp. Share your thoughts I’m bored with the tower view while controlling.
*Note this is not a 3D tower request just and observer view request.


Think it would take a lot of work!


Need airport buildings for that.

Phantom tower on your 10 o’clock. 😅


I completely agree with you! when I control it gets so boring, just in the regular tower view! I would love to have this view! just like airport buildings which i hope comes with global!

I’d love to see this! Their’s 10+ camera views on almost all the aircraft. So why is their only 3 for the tower?!?

I wouldnt mind a generic 3d tower with the same features on the airports.

But based on my previous fsx experience training server will have lots of people flyjng into them. That sucks

It would be hard to model the inside but I think its cool if it has live displays

I think if they did the inside they would have to do the outside.

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I agree with you! i love inside tower view, but still need to buildings. i hope this comes in future.