Inside Singapore Airlines

Do you remember “Inside Turkish Airlines” which was aired in National Geographic? National Geographic is now partnering with Singapore Airlines to make another similar show, Inside Singapore Airlines. This show was aired around 1-2 weeks ago in National Geographic although I haven’t heard that they are going to air this episode again.

The show explains us every important part in one of the most known airline in Asia. From Pilots until Maintenence workers. From Catering Service until Crew Training and many more. This is really an interesting story to discover more about the airline. Even though it’s similar with “Inside Turkish Airlines”, but I feel this is more like Singapore’s version of Ultimate Airport Dubai yet not focusing on Changi Airport. Just check the video above and don’t miss it 😉🇸🇬

I’m sorry for 中文 (Chinese) language subtitle 😅


Darn, how am I supposed to watch it now?

Thanks for sharing with us, didn’t even know this existed!


Cool! They should do an “Inside Flying Development Studios”


Still hoping they bring back another Ultimate Airport Dubai season. Loved that series.


Nice catch SQ @SingaporeAirlines.
I have to watch this NOW!!

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Thanks for sharing. I love watching new aviation related documentaries ;)

Also its all good with the Chinese. I can read it lmfao ;)


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