Inside RWY for arrivals outside for departure?

I’ve noticed at LAX for example, there is no rhyme or reason as to how dual runways are used.

IMO and…experience as a more than frequent flyer, the inside runways (closest to terminals) should be used for arrivals. They don’t get hung up with crossing runways at a very busy airport and…on time arrivals. That is a big deal for every airline.

Outside runways are used for departure. They can make up time in air and… their on time departure starts when they leave the gate. Not once wheels are up. If that were the case US airways would have always got slammed for departure stats. Ever get on a 5pm flight out of Philly? You could be in line for 45-60 minutes between the gate and number one.

That and another pet peeve… it’s not “line up and wait”… it’s “position and hold”. Just saying :-)

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When at KLAX 25R/07L and 24R/06L are used for departures, which are the inside runways. 25L/07R and 24R/06L are used for arrivals, which are the outside runways

To my knowledge, usually longer runways are used for takeoffs, because planes need more distance, and shorter runways are for landing.

Seems a lot has to do with who the ATC is, huh? :-). Thanks for the replies guys.

I use inside (25R&24L) for departures because most will spawn on the inside parking. I prefer 25L for arrivals and 24R for patternwork if allowed.

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When I open KLAX, I use the outer runways as arrival and the inner as departure. This is how most airports with that setup does it. KDFW especially. This way you do not have to deal with runway crossings for departure aircraft and can get them out faster. I made a topic on it a week or so ago. If you watch IRL, planes that land can stack up in between the runways and then all cross the departure runway at the same time.

Yea… I can see your point. My home airport, PHX (Phoenix Sky Harbor) has three runways. A single on on the north side of terminal and two on south, they actually do most arrivals based on the airline. US Airways…now American… have all their gates on the north side and South West, which has a large presence there is on the south so… flying US airways as I always did… always got approach on the north runway.
One thing they’ll do often on busy mornings is send most departures to the second south runway. It’s shorter runway so it’s good for takeoff.
When talking to a buddy that is a pilot for American Eagle… he said most airports want departures to taxi father than arrivals. That’s just based on the fact that airliners can make up time in air and arrivals need to get to gates faster for on time arrivals stats and… having a bunch of arrivals waiting to cross a runway can start to stack up.
Their efficiency is amazing. They have a takeoff and landing about every 37 seconds when using one runway for departs and one for arrivals. It’s typical to even see one plane landing after the one taking off has only been in the air for 10 seconds. Amazing timing.