Inside of an Aircraft Cargo Bin

Hey everyone! Since you guys seemed to like my last post about starting an airport tug, I thought I would give you guys another look inside of the life of a ramp agent. This is a video of what it’s like to go inside the rear cargo bin of an Airbus A320. I hope you enjoy!


That is awesome. I think it is interesting how everything is separated by the nets for space.

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what if it closed and and you were still inside


@Zhopkins Yeah. Each net kind of creates its own zone where we are allowed to load a certain amount of cargo. Its main role is to prevent cargo from shifting during flight so then it doesn’t throw off the weight and balance.

@FlyIf_0011IFPA The only way it could close is if someone on the outside closed it. If someone did close it, I would just call our operations office and let them know I was stuck in there. If I for some reason didn’t have my phone I would just bang on the ceiling until a flight attendant or passenger heard it. :)


You work with Allegiant aircraft?

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Yes sir I do.

That’s who I work with! I’m a ramp lead for Allegiant at a different station

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So here’s a question, that’s a lot of bags in the back of that aircraft. Was the FWD1 already filled up? With that many bags in the back it should be stacked instead of being laid out line that

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Great question. This was a very full flight. The FWD1 was full. The ones you see laid out were gate checks (neon tags) and I filmed this while waiting for any additional gate checks. Once we received all of our bags they were neatly stacked. We had an unusually large amount of gate checks aboard this flight (I am assuming because the cabin was full). :)

Gotcha that was a lot of gate check bags. Why not put the orange tag that says return to baggage claim on them? If I knew I was going to have that many gate checks I would have stacked them instead of laying them out

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