Inside_Flight's ATC Tracking Thread - [closed] @N/A

Hi everyone:)
I am training to become IFATC and this is my first ever ATC thread. I have just opened LGTS and it will remain open for the next few hours. Would appreciate if anyone could pop by for just a few patterns.


To refix the title, it should be “InsideFlight’s ATC Tracking thread [Closed/CLOSED] @N/A”. The only part you got wrong is after the phrase ‘tracking thread’ :/. However, with that set side, I’ll try to come along.


awesome thank you:)

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Open once more

@DimitriB the title needs to be [Closed] @ N/A

Changed thank you

Open again

open once more at Alicante

@Menthesuphisth thanks for coming:)

@kylejtam thanks
shouldve let the e jet takeoff.
when you requested a touch and go was i right to clear you for the option or should i have told you to enter left downwind runway 28 first?

Hey, as you know I was, N629WP, I have some feedback for you

Ground control

  • when you have a non GA GA aircraft and there are still at the gate, and they ask for taxi clearance, always correct them by clearing them for pushback. However, in my case, you should’ve said to him that he had to hold position cause I was behind him.
  • I was taxiing at a non taxi way and was taxiing through grass, please next time put your tower cam on the ground so you also know what is happening there hahaha

Tower control

  • when I came into your airfield I requested transition, you gave me 3500ft, which was a little too high. 2500 should’ve been appropriate height.
  • Your clearance for the option were on time (2nd leg as it given at right base, but happened only once… no np)
  • Exit runway was nicely given!
  • oh! Always give pattern work when pilot is inbound on your airport or when they want to have a runway change (you only have to clear them when they ask for ILS/GPS when you have RADAR/Approach)

But thanks for controlling!! Next time use an airport which has parallel runway, so I can switch from runway time to time. And goodluck on your journey to become an IFATC controller! 👽👽

awesome:) thanks for the feedback.
Not quite sure what you mean by the last point though

He means be sure to give pattern entries when they’re inbound or switching runways.

oh. Now i understand. Thanks @TaipeiGuru

wasn’t the gate a non-pushback one?

Hello Inside_Flight, here are my comments on your controlling today. Some things you already picked up on but I left them here for you anyway.

  • The initial line up and wait was not necessary as DHL215 would’ve taken off before I got on the runway, configured everything for takeoff, and started takeoff roll.
  • Sending a frequency change is your responsibility and I should not have to request it. Once the aircraft is no longer in a critical phase of flight (immediately after takeoff) you can tell me to change frequency
  • The transition was sent well, but a bit too high. Your airspace extends up to 3000 AAL. With the pattern altitude at 1000-1500AAL, and your airspace at 150MSL, a 2500 or 3000ft transition is good enough. 3500 is out of your airspace.
  • You’re right when you say you forgot to give me a pattern entry. ALWAYS pattern entry, then sequence, then clearance. the only exception is if i’m already in the pattern, then i don’t need a pattern entry
  • You’re also right to say that you could have expedited the departure since I was 5NM out. Usually, you can squeeze in someone even when there’s someone on 3NM final
  • I think you sent the runway exit command to someone else. pay attention to who you’re sending things to and just overall situational awareness
  • Lastly, pay attention to the ground. at the time, you weren’t busy so you could’ve paid more attention. for a portion of my taxiing, I was taxiing through grass and terminal area and you could’ve called me out for that.

Overall, you were able to perform the basics of ATC, but there are a lot more things you need to pick up. I recommend going through the tutorials again and reading through the ATC public manual.
Sorry I had to go so early, but dinner was calling. Feel free to tag me next time you open or pm me if you have any questions about the IFATC. I strongly recommend getting a trainer after your first theory test as they help you a lot. That being said, I can definitely show what I know as well, but keep in mind I am not a trainer and I cannot officially train you the right way.

All the best in your IFATC endeavours,
Kyle Tam

thank you very much for the feedback:) @kylejtam will keep all of this in mind next time I practice. I will make sure to tag you next time I open the thread so that I can implement the things which you and @Menthesuphisth said. When you said I need to then sequence, do I have to do that as a separate message or does it count if it is in the landing clearance? Otherwise thanks!
Have a great day,

Mmh, I am actually not sure about that, I’d just give them a pushback! Maybe somebody else can give us more info which command would be appropriate to give, tax to RWY xx or pushback approved. But at the end you should’ve said to the pilot to hold his/her position.

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That would be a pushback scenario. :)

Ahh okay. Thank you.