Inside a record breaking 747

The 747, the original and the best double-decked airliner. Her legacy is amazing, she was introduced before man walked on the moon and still flies to this very day, over 50 years later.

VH-OJA is a 747-400, she was purchased by Qantas in 1987 and had a rather interesting service life. Firstly, she holds the record for the longest ever delivery flight by a 747 when she completed the first-ever non-stop flight between London and Sydney a distance of 18,001km in which she completed in 20hrs and 9mins, no other airliner had flown between the U.K and Australia until a 787-9 Dreamliner also operated by Qantas completed operated Qantas 9 from London to Perth in 2018.

The City of Canberra also holds the record for the shortest 747 flight when she flew the mammoth 94km from Sydney to Wollongong (Albion Park) in 12 minutes in 2015, this marked the end of her flying career after 30 years on the job. She now rests as a museum piece at the Albion Park airport and a few years ago I was lucky enough to visit her on a trip back to Sydney. Enjoy the pictures! captions are below photos

Econmey class

Premium Economy class

Upper deck lockers

Business class



747s are so graceful and elegant


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