@insertusernamehere ATC thread! [CLOSED PERMANENTLY] @ PHOG T&G (Hawaii) TS1

Thread for my openings, see title for location + status. Feedback is welcomed (please give!), and serious pilots only (No disobeying) PM me if you want to take approach. Please drop a comment with your callsign and IF name if you are joining
Control name is: insertusernamehere

NOTAM:Pattern work accepted

All UK charts can be found here

All US charts can be found here


@Tom-Bonfield idiotic of me to forget to clear you, my cat threw up so i had to leave immediately, sorry

That’s why you get a dog ;)
Gotta do what you got to do anyway. It’s training server, so it’s for practice, doing a great job👍


Did he nosedive into the ground in a Dash like he did with me about an hour ago? 😉

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Sadly not 😂😂, you’re sure that wasn’t joshfly in disguise

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Are you still open now?

Open at EGTK in london region now! come along!
EDIT :Closed

EGLL tower and ground TS1 open, patterns accepted!

Good ATC I’m QR17, but the usual poor grade ones

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Thanks for following instructions, there were alot of nimrods, entering the runway without clearance so at 1 point has 6 on the runway with only 1 cleared to do so :/

Open at KFLL (SoFlo); feedback wanted, patterns accepted

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Ok, back to KFLL, this time like a pilot!

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Coming in a 737-700BBJ

Callsign : V-NEO

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I need to go, I have to eat.

Here is a photo :

Anyways good controlling, sequencing was good.
Tho at a moment I request a runway change and I think you confused your left and your right for the pattern instrution.

Looking forward to another session of you :)

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Thanks, I hit the wrong thing, small phone 👍 also did I need to re-issue clearance when you changed from #1 to #2?

Good controlling! only two tips, I get very late clearance and you forgot to give NEO pattern instruction after rnw change ( …after option make right traffic)

Croatia 1

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Roger, thanks for flying! I keep giving late clearance, I’m forgetful 😂 😩

EGLL OPEN in London! Come and fly!


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No he did give me a pattern instruction, he said to follow you after :)

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