inserting waypoint at specific distance from a fix


Can someone remind me if there’s a way to do this. A departure from GVA brwy 22 requires a right turn at no less than 8 DME from GVA. Is there a way to have that point shown on the map?


GVA to PAS is 8 nm (the VORs)

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Hello again!
There is no current way in IF to have a point a certain distance from a VOR/DME, unless it is already a fix, or if you know the coordinates. Just like you can’t enter in a direction when going to/from a VOR/DME. HOWEVER, most SIDs/STARs, I have found, have points/distances in them that match up to a fix on the map in IF. IF still has a lot to develop concerning VORs/DMEs, though. It would be nice to be able to navigate only via VORs when flying VFR, instead of using waypoints.

It’s a recurrent wish to be able to append a manual waypoint to flight plan (without using GPS values (which is possible but not really user friendly))

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Wrong, there is a way!

Use Simbrief & FPTtoIF

FPL to IF will give you the waypoints via coordinates.

Edit : @Bryce_D sorry I just woke up, I didn’t read correctly

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My God, what a user friendly way. We want to long-tap or double-tap to add an adjustable waypoint ready to append to flight plan

You kinda have to plan your flights.

Thanks, all, so maybe we should convert this into a feature request? I totally agree that actually having VORs/NDBs etc would be sooooo helpful. And I’m thinking it should be doable, given what IF has already achieved?

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