Insensitive call lsigns

hello recently i have seen callsigns such as american 77, american 11, united 93 etc. i think these call numbers should not be allowed out of respect of the all the people that died in 2001. airlines retire these callsigns for a REASON. as someone who lost a close friend on united 93 i think its insulting and inappropriate for these to be allowed.




Maybe the pilots are using the callsign as a tribute to someone they may have lost. We can’t assume that they are doing it out of spite. 🤷


Another scenario is that some people pick callsigns based on their favorite numbers so they could have no idea that their callsign was involved on a tragedy


true but i honestly dont think its inappropriate. airllines retire these callsigns or any accident aircraft for a reason. thats rubbish mate. anyone born late 90s such as myself have heard and studied what happened in 2001.

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Probably they are paying respects. Is unknown if is for paying respects or for insulting pruporses. The best you can do Is let them go.


Not everyone using Infinite Flight was born in the 90s. Not everyone is from the U.S and may not know the significance of those tragedies.


There is nothing really to do other then hope they aren’t being insensitive on purpose 🤷‍♂️


thats rubbish mate. anyone born in the late 90s has heard or seen what happened during 9/11. for someone to say they have never heard of 9/11 they have living under a rock in some deserted island or just are pain arrogant and dont care.

yes…let them go…they might not know what those callsigns mean…

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Trust me, 9/11 has been taught to all as a tragic moment in world history. And I understand the frustration you may feel seeing these people using these call signs. But I personally see it as ridiculous to ban a number from the simulator because it was from the past.


Most people pick their favorite numbers. I get were you coming from though.


Well I for example was born in 2001 and I was way too young to remember this tragic day.

Also, the majority of the community is between 13-17 years old so they weren’t even born through this

To be honest, I didn’t know these callsigns were involved in a tragedy until you said they were


Pretty bold statement right there. You can’t always assume people know something that you do. Even in that case people maybe flying for VA’s and be assigned that callsign and there is nothing they can do about it. So don’t assume everyone is arrogant for using those numbers and callsigns as there’s many other reasons.


Put it this way. There’s definitely been another terrorist incident that happened somewhere else around the world involving a plane which you don’t know about. For example you could be flying around China and don’t know what callsign to choose so you pick a random Air China number and unbeknownst to you that callsign was retired after a terrorist incident. But you didn’t know that so why should you be blamed for it.


Yeah, I couldn’t name the flight numbers of the top of my head either.

I fly with the number 28, there is probably a aircraft accident using the flight number 28 at some point in time, this doesn’t mean I am trying to be insensitive, I just don’t know. Now some people may be using the callsigns with the knowledge of the accidents, like many have said they could be paying respect or they could be using them insensitively, there is just no way of knowing or stoping it from happening


some people don’t know that they are even using those callsigns. I think they are just using a normal callsign. No need to get rid of them.

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well to be honest i get where people are coming from and i can understand that but i think its insensitive thats just my opinion.

Yeah, and that’s exactly why we don’t report users for that. We can never truly know their intentions


Ahm, i would say not all people know about most of the incidents that occurred with the respective callsigns! It’s either a co-incidence or maybe as Drummer said it’s their favorite number!

We have a lot of people who play this game for fun & to make new friends, enjoy the community & not so called Aviation Enthusiasts, so blaming them isn’t fair here…

There is zero way you can figure out someone’s motives for using a callsign that just so happens to be involved in a crash. I’ll just go over why they could have a callsign of that sort:

  1. They don’t know that it was involved in a tradegy to begin with.

Self explanatory, we all are very well aware of the tragedy of 9/11 and what it involved, flight numbers I personally do not remember which ones were involved in crashes, the ones I do know are from extremely major and well taked about accidents, and I doubt many others remember a bunch of flight numbers just so they can avoid and not be called out for potentially being ignorant towards an accident they didn’t even know happened in the first place.

  1. May be a real-world flight number.

I don’t need to explain. I can see many people using a coincidentally crash-related callsign because they’re trying to be realistic.

  1. Paying Tribute

Many have said this already. There are people who do tribute flights in remembrance of tragic accidents. May not be common, but definitely possible.

I wouldn’t blankly assume that they are using that callsign just for the sake of ignorance. It could be any of the above reasons, which is why they get glossed over and mostly ignored. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.