Insel Air, the cancelled airline

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Today kids, I’m going to tell you a story about the Insel Air. The airline that used to be the biggest around the Antilles. So, sit back, relax. And enjoy the story.

On 1993, Albert Kluyver decided to start the airline called “Inselair”. It would be based in Curaçao (TNCC) and fly around the carribean.

During 2006 Inselair began operating from it’s hub in Hato Airport. They expanded rapidly and had 21 destinations in America and the carribean.
With not much competition in the Antilles, they could expand rapidly. Inselair had only 1 real competitor: “Dutch Antilles Express (DAE)”.

a picture of Inselair in its glory days

Fast forward to the 2010 decade.
Inselair began operating from Aruba with their small subsidiary “Inselair Aruba”. They had more available from Aruba, so they made some profit out of it.
When DAE went bankrupt, Inselair ruled over aviation in the Antilles. And with their huge partnership with KLM, they were very very successful.
KLM sold their Fokkers to Inselair. And Inselair expanded more rapidly than ever! Inselair even operated to Venezuela. (Which eventually killed them).

picture of Inselair’s Fokker 50

The partnership was of course very profitable for Inselair, but also for KLM. With a lot of codeshares, KLM ruled together with Inselair over the Antilles.
Not all success last forever, eventually it went downhill. Actually the issues were the exact same thing as when it started, but now they were extreme. This was around 2015/2016.
Very heavy delays and cancelled flights. A lot of people wanted their money back. But since the airline was in debt, people just couldn’t get their money back.

Inselair was in trouble, with very old planes and destinations that weren’t as profitable as expected.

Inselair’s MD-82

In 2018 KLM had shut down their partnership with Inselair, Inselair couldn’t take that. Their MD-82’s and MD-83’s were given back to the leasers from where they got them. And with the Fokkers there was an incredible discovery.
Apperantly, when something was broken in a Fokker plane. Inselair just took the same part from a other plane to replace the broken part. This probably went on for years. When the FAA heard something about this they checked the planes. Apperantly the parts weren’t registered, the planes sadly needed to be destroyed.

picture of a Fokker 50 being destroyed

They went officially bankrupt in February 2019. This was the end of Inselair and their aviation power over the Antilles.
Now, other airlines are taking over the aviation there. Like Air Antilles and Divi Divi Air, Winnair had started operations too.

Well kids, what will happen next? I don’t know, but let’s hope Inselair never comes back. Or they come back with better operations and better organized

Thanks for viewing this thread, I know this may be not as amazing as @DeltaMD88Fan. But I hope I did it okay.

See ya in the skies 🛫✌️


Why do you hope they never come back? Anyway great thread


They were actually crap, it’s just a miracle planes didn’t crash. The planes were crap and old too. With not the best crew either. So basically, they were just crap😂


Lol. Probably should invest in some 737 max to seal there legacy


By the way… the only reason I flew them because they were the only operator that operated during sunset and twilight (and I needed to be there during that time.


Are they really that bad though?

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Lets say…, I had better flights :). With American Airlines


I’m surprised they didn’t invest in DC-10s


Heard about this airline quite a bit while doing some research on the MD-80. Looks like you didn’t have a great experience @Infinite_Qantas.


No, not really😂

I’m quite surprised you even know the airline. You’re one of the first😅

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I’m surprised that you’re surprised. I might consider making a topic like this. Thomas Cook?

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I think the not so known airlines are better, or the very old. Northwest or TWA

What a story. Very interesting, thanks for sharing!

This sounds pretty concerning to me.

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It actually was, but miraculously (is that a word?😂) only 2 incidents happened and no one got hurt. Flying with them was just very dangerous, and no one knew what they did…

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It actually is😂

Glad everything went relatively well apart from the ridiculous maintenance.

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The DC-10 didn’t have the best of safety records either.

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yes, but the DC-10 wasn’t very popular anymore in 2006. And every airline has to start somewhere so their first aircraft was the EMB-110.

But indeed, it’d be better if they invested in the 737 or a320

Interesting story and read! Thanks for sharing, didn’t know 'bout them!

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Thanks, this is my first time making such a thing😊. I’m glad you liked it.

I hope you learned something new today

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