Insanely Large Fort Lauderdale Flyout

Welcome to the sunny side of Florida to Fort Lauardale Hollywood Intl Airport and this will be hosted by @AmericanB772,@ThatOneFloridaAvGeek and with me @AirCanada11.

Server: Training Server



A4 Southwest Denver 737-700
A5 Southwest Chicago-Midway 737-800
A6 Southwest New York LaGuardia 737-700
A7 Southwest Boston 737-800

Concourse B

Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
B1 Southwest Louisville 737-700
B2 Southwest Houston Hobby 737-700
B3 Southwest Washington Regan 737-700
B4 Southwest Atlanta 737-700
B5 Southwest Dallas Love Field 737-800
B6 Southwest Montego Bay 737-700 @Johhhn
B7 Southwest Nassau 737-800
B8 Southwest Tampa 737-700
B9 Southwest Orlando 737-800

Concourse C

Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
C1 United San Francisco 737-800
C2 United Newark 737-900
C3 Allegiant Concord A320
C4 United Chicago 757-200
C5 WestJet Calgary 737-700
C6 Allegiant Knoxville A320
C7 Alaska Seattle-Tacoma 737-800
C8 Alaska San Francisco A320
C9 Alaska Los Angeles 737-900

Concourse D

Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
D1 Delta Salt Lake City 737-800
D2 Delta New York-JFK A319
D3 Caribbean Airlines Port Of Spain B738 @AirCanada11
D4 Air Canada Rouge Toronto Pearson A319
D5 Air Canada Montreal-Trudeau A321
D6 Delta Minneapolis A319
D7 Delta Atlanta 757-200
D8 Delta Boston 737-800
D9 Delta Detroit A321
Concourse E
Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
E1 Norwegian Oslo 787-9 @Butter575
E2 American Dallas A321
E3 Norwegian Paris Charles De Gaulle 787-9
E4 American Chicago OHare 737-800
E5 JetBlue Boston A320
E6 American Charlotte A320 @Pilot_Fish123
E7 Azul São Paulo Campinas A330 (Generic)
E8X Norwegian Barcelona 787-9
E9 American New York-JFK 737-800
E10 American Washington Regan 737-800

Concourse F

Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
F1 JetBlue Newark A320
F2 JetBlue Washington Regan E190
F3 JetBlue San Francisco A321
F4 JetBlue New York-JFK A321
F5 JetBlue New York LaGuardia A320
F6 JetBlue Portland A320
F7 JetBlue Charleston E190
F8 JetBlue Los Angeles A321 @AmericanB772
F9 JetBlue Salt Lake City A320
F10 JetBlue Saint Martin A320 @skye

Concourse G

Gate Airline Destination Plane Pilot
G1 Spirit Medellín A321
G2 Spirit Chicago O’Hare A321
G3 Frontier Trenton A320
G4 Spirit Baltimore A320
G5 Spirit Atlantic City A321 @United403
G6 Spirit San Pedro Sula A320
G9 Air Transat Vancouver A321
G10 Spirit Las Vegas A321 @ThatOneFloridaAvgeek
G11 Spirit Newark A321 @Avaitor1
G12 Bahamasair Nassau 737-700 (sub for -500)
G13 Air Transat Toronto Pearson A320 (Generic)
G14 Emirates Dubai 777-200LR

Ground: @RagonDragon
Tower: @RagonDragon
Hope You Can Join😁😁😁
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I’ll take ground and tower

Ok thanks @RagonDragon

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No gates??

Yea theres a whole lot

I think I will take this!
F10 JetBlue Saint Martin A320

I’ll take this one please

Okay coming up @United403 and @AmericanB772

NVM don’t sign me up!

This please

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I will take this instead!
F8 JetBlue Los Angeles A321

Your signed up!

I’ll take this one please

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Butter575, your signed up!

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You love Oslo don’t you!

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Yes I sure do lol

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Ok will get everyone signups done

Hello! Can I please get this gate? Thanks!

Ok @skye coming up


Thanks! Also just a heads up the title says “Lauradale” instead of “Lauderdale” :)

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