Insane Turbulence On Atlantic Routes (oceanic track V,W,X,Y)

So If flying over the Atlantic, Oceanic Track V,W,X,Y,Z have extreme high winds from 40,000 feet to 30,000feet and pretty much Extreme Turbulence once crossing waypoint 48/40 till 49/20 (on track X). Would advice avoiding these till Wednesday evening. Playing this game on and off for a while and never seen extreme turbulence on live servers before so year.

wind data

Welcome back to the IFC!! I guess if you attempt to position yourself into the eastbound jet it would be fine :)

Hello @Ashwin_Valluvan,

as said above, welcome back to the community and merry Christmas!

Thanks for the update. I’m not 100% sure about this one, but I would suggest moving this over to the Live category, as it includes anything happening right now on the game’s servers.

Happy Holidays!

Moved it to live. Thank and merry Christmas. Currently flying Casual JFK to Heathrow. About to land.


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