Insane speeds over the Pacific!

683 knots GS in a B787-8 over the Pacific! This was caused by the 151 knots of tailwind! Just crazy! I traveled 1600+ NM in just 2 hours and 10 minutes! That means if I was to travel 8000 NM, it’s would take just 10 hours! Let me know if any of you have ever encountered something like this before!


Why are you flying at 90 percent of the speed of sound?


I don’t know, I guess I was in a rush. Also I guess I saw the wind so I decided to go for a top speed run

part of that is you going M.90 lol, i suggest slowing down a bit

look at your airspeed. thats way too fast for the 787

I feel bad for anyone trying to go in the opposite direction.


I know but that’s not the point of this

Cool speed but it’s always best to promote some realism. Teetering that close to the red tape almost always results in the “I got violations for no reason” threads.

Happy flying!