Insane pitch up while cruising.

I have read basiclly every thread on trim, and nose pitch during cruise, but to no avail. I was flying from Cape Town to Amsterdam when I checked my phone and my nose was INSANELY pitched up. I checked airspeed, vertical speed, winds and everything. I even read and watched tutorials on trim, but trim does not do anything for me.

Bug or am I doing

something wrong? (This happens mostly on wide body Boeing)



First of all, you are going too slow. This is partially why you have so much positive pitch. The 787 cruise between M0.83-0.85 usually.

Secondly. You’ve read everything about trim, but still i see in your picture that you’re using 0? I can only speak for myself here, but i usually use up 50% on the 787.


May I also add that your fuel level is at 88% which is too heavy for such a high flight level. I recommend a lower FL such as FL310

Check this post out for more details:


Was just about to say that!

And 787 usually have a pitch up attitude during cruising…

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Thank tou all so very much! I really apprciate the help coming quickly as I am still cruising on this flight!

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