Insane JFK Takeoff Line!

Look at this line for takeoff! I think PANYNJ needs to invest in making a third runway, I can’t imagine being in this line waiting for takeoff. Using one runway for takeoff isn’t enough…

Dear New Yorkers, is this normal for JFK or are there delays tonight?


Holy cow! I don’t know how JFK can’t beat ATL as the world’s busiest airport…

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I just took a peak at ATL and there’s not even a queue for takeoff, everything is in order.

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Listen in to LiveATC.

Definitely longer than usual (I live in NY).

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JFK hasn’t and won’t overtake ATL.

That ain’t normal. I’ve seen queues to 1/2 way or so down the runway but never that long. It’s been a beautiful day so I can’t speculate as to what happened.


That’s a fact that I’ll never forget @Boeing707

Yeah I was planespotting with friends from the building I had prom in ;)


I bet it’s because most people in Midwest of the US just got out of school therefore a lot more flights booked to the northeast and such

Oh gosh, I’m flying to JFK in a few weeks, hope it’s not still like that! 😬


What if Steve was controlling? 😜


Who is Steve?

A popular JFK GND controller

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Do you think it will be that bad at ERW, I’m leaving for there at 6:00 in the morning.

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EWR isn’t that bad at that time I’m assuming

He’s like our Boston John

Never heard before but I’m so going to search for videos related to him soon! 😜

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He’s really funny. Back on topic now

Honestly there’s no need to say back on topic here and there… It’s especially useless when there’s nothing below that is completely relevant to the original topic…

And for me, something more or less relevant, I played this game called Airport Madness World Edition and boy oh boy the runway crossings will drive you berserk!

Look at the line now!