Insane Ground Speeds possible today in South Atlantic Ocean

Hey guys,

just did my flight planning as I’m flying to FACT, I noticed there are substantial winds today from South America towards Africa. You might want to hunt some ground speeds today. It seems to climax depending on the time up to 120 knots. Adding that to your Ground Speed ( ~500 kts ) you might end up going a little less than the speed of sound… In an airliner ;)

If you are interested what the real world ground speed records are, you might want to have a look here:
Ground Speed Records by Aircraft-Type

Saludos to all the people who maybe recognize me. Its been a while. Just testing that new update.

gz, ovsp


You don’t get over speed violations for groundspeed if your airspeed is within the red tape.

Your airspeed could be M0.84 but your groundspeed could be way more, depending on the winds.

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