With alll due respect to the amazing development team, can we please put a hold on airplane development until we get the aircraft external lights showing on the ground?

It’s supposed to come with project metal I guess. So it’s impossible for a while.

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You can vote for them here

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I suggest holding off on aircraft development until the lighting can be perfected. I know we’ve been asking for it for a very long time. I can only hope the development team can figure it out & soon. I can barely see when I taxi at night.


Devs have said they’re working on aircraft development and Project Metal separately and concurrently. So, they’re focusing on improving the current sim and have been continuously working on Project Metal (which will have better lighting and eventually clouds and even more). You can find more about the long-term project here:

Project Metal

And I know it’s been a very long time since Project Metal was initially announced, but we have still gotten several excellent updates since then. I think it’s also helpful to remember the small team of devs that Infinite Flight has and that updates may take a bit longer that other sims (although in my opinion, the final product is always better with IF).


Hi Dan! Aircraft development and lighting development are independent of each other, and the teams working on them are separate. This means that aircraft development does not, in any significant way, impact on the development of lighting. We’re hard at work on all sorts of things, lighting included, and we can’t wait to bring all of it to the sim!