Inquiry - How To Join IFATC

So guys I’m almost grade 3 and i wanted to join atc in the expert server, how can I do that? how do i join IFATC?

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Hey there!

I’m glad to hear you have such an interest to control on the expert server with IFATC. Here is a topic that should point you in the right direction regarding joining our team!



Great! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction

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Anytime! If you have any questions at all in regards to IFATC, you’re welcome to ask in my DMs.

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I would recommend flying for a little on the expert server so you can see ATC at work.

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Good idea!

Make sure you read the ATC manual as well so you don’t get a report from learning from ATC members at work.

Yeah I’ve already read the manual, but I’ll keep reviewing it


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