Inquiring About Violations

Violations can either be automatically generated (Level 1) or issued by ATC (Level 2 or 3) and are a way to moderate pilot behavior on the Training and Expert Servers.

A brief overview is provided below, but for more information please visit out User Guide.

There are three types of Violations that can be received, these are:

Violation What happens?
Level 1 If a pilot receives 3 or more Level 1 Violations in one flight, they will be automatically removed from the server and will have to start a flight again.
Level 2 (Amber) The pilot is disconnected from the server but can continue the flight offline. The pilot may return to the Expert Server immediately by starting a new flight provided the number of Level 2 and 3 Violations remain under the server allowed limits.
Level 3 (Red) The pilot is disconnected from the server but can continue the flight offline. The pilot will not be able to return to the Expert Server after the flight has been ended, with access being restricted for 7 days following this.

Violations are kept on a pilot’s record and therefore, if a pilot continues to receive Violations (Level 2 and Level 3 only), Expert Server access will be restricted for longer. Currently, no more than five Level 2 and/or Level 3 Violations can be received within a 365 day rolling period for access to the server.

Important - Before Appealing

All Level 1, and most Level 2 & Level 3 Violations will only be issued after a warning or series of warnings have been given to the pilot. Therefore it is imperative that pilots take corrective action when a warning is received to avoid being issued with a Violation.

Violations will not be removed without sufficient evidence (in the form of a replay file). In addition, the following violations cannot be reversed:

  • Level 1 Violations as these are system generated (unless evidence provided can show the root cause is technical)
  • Violations occurring while you are away from your device
  • Violations that are related to network/device issues

Appealing a Level 2 or Level 3 Violation

We recommend that you only appeal Level 3 Violations as these prevent access to the Expert Server, whereas Level 2 Violations allow you to start a new flight (provided you have not exceeded the total number of Violations allowed).

Please note that you cannot appeal Level 1 Violations as these are system generated

If you believe a Violation was issued in error, you can appeal at any time by clicking here.