Inquiring About Violations


Recently there has been an increase in pilots inquiring about violations received during flight. Violations are system generated based on the behavior of your plane at the time. They are not handed out by ATC or other pilots.

Violation Notes
Ground Overspeeding While taxiing, your ground speed should remain under 35kts
Runway Idle When at an uncontrolled airport, sitting on the runway will result in violations. Violations are not given at a controlled airport when instructed to enter the runway by a controller
Overspeeding Below 10,000’ Airspeed must not exceed 250kts while under 10,000’
Overspeeding Above 10,000’ Max airspeed is specific to the aircraft and altitude. Most of the time in commercial planes this is 350kts. The limit will decrease the higher you go. The limits in smaller planes such as the TBM are much lower. Look for the red dots on the speed tape in your HUD to see where the limit is.
Acrobatics Performing crazy patterns/turns/stunts/acrobatics near an airport that can be controlled (with or without ATC present) may result in violations. If you would like to perform these activities please do it away from traffic or on the casual server.

Warnings are given prior to the violation being given. The warning will appear for 20 seconds in a large orange box on your screen regardless of the camera via (introduced in 19.1). After the 20 second warning, if you have not corrected the action, a violation will be given. After another 20 seconds a second one will be given. This will repeat up to a max of 5 violations before you are given a system ghost.

Violations will not be removed unless there is physical evidence that the violations were caused by an Infinite Flight defect. For example, falling through the runway and receiving violations. A screen recording with HUD visible is the best evidence. A replay file can help but may not show everything that is needed to determine root cause.

Violations occurring while you were asleep, not at your device, network related, and device related issues will not be investigated. The replay file can help you see why violations occurred.

The most common reasons for violations are:

  • Flying too high and stalling. A fully loaded plane climbing to 38-40,000 feet may stall out trying to maintain the VS that you set in AP. This results in the plane stalling and falling. Speed violations are usually received once you fall below 10,000 feet. Please search for “Step Climbing” to help you out.

  • Leaving your flight during critical phases of flight. If you need to leave your device unattended, please wait until you have reached your cruising altitude and leveled off.

  • Setting AP speed too close to the limit. Setting your speed to 349kts is risking violations. The speed limit decreases the higher you go. The limit at 28,000 is different from the limit at 38,000. All it takes is for a little wind to make your speed go over the limit. Note that this limit is much lower for turboprops and GA aircraft. Know what your limit is before your flight.

  • Overspeeding upon descent - Many of the larger aircraft will gain speed as it descends. You need to pay attention to your speed gain and apply spoilers and/or level off to bleed speed before descending below 10,000 feet.

Please ensure that your OS and Infintie Flight versions are updated to the latest release. There was a hotfix released after the 19.1 release that fixed a number of violation issues while falling through the earth.

For more information, please browse the #tutorials category which is filled with useful threads.

If you have any questions or have evidence of violations obtained due to an Infinite Flight defect, please send a private message to a member of the moderating team with all necessary information.

A list of moderators can be found on the about page.

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