Inquiring about Ghosting / Reports

You may have noticed an increase in the amount of traffic on the live servers. With the increased traffic, we have also seen an increase in the number of reports.

All ghosting inquiries should be handled via PM between the pilot and controller. A public topic is typically not necessary.

What is a report (aka ghost)?

Being reported, often referred to as a ghost, is when an IFATC member notices a pilot breaking server rules, excessive speed, interfering with others, or not following controller instructions. Being reported causes the pilot to be invisible to others and ATC. This report is also saved to the pilot profile and will impact the grade based on the grade matrix. It is possible to be reported by certain pilots at an airport without active ATC.

What is a system ghost

A system ghost is where you receive 5 violations during a session. On the 5th violation, you are ghosted from your session. The difference between a system ghost and a report is that the system ghost does not count towards your grade table. However, the violations you received do count towards your grade.

I was reported, how can I see why and who reported me?

You can find the controller name by going to your flight log, click on the flight that shows the report, and click on “1 report”. The reason and controller name will appear.

I would like to contest my report or find out more information.

The first step in any report inquiry is to contact the controller who reported you via PM.

  • Please become familiar with how to access and export your replays using the tutorial How to manage your replays
  • Using the steps above, find the name of the controller that reported you.
  • Send a polite PM to the controller with your callsign, date of report, and explanation.
  • Please be prepared to share your replay file from the flight. Without a replay or some evidence, there is little that can be done.

If you cannot find a controller, please visit for a mapping.
If you are a new user and are unable to message controllers, please send a message to @appeals and we can help you out.

General Reporting Tips

When inquiring about your report, please keep the following in mind.

  • Following real-world procedures instead of controller instructions is not a valid reason for a reversal. Follow all controller procedures.
  • Anything that happens while you are away from your device may not be reviewed.
  • Reports over 7 days old may not be reviewed unless a valid pilot replay is provided.
  • Vulgar and abusive messages towards controllers and/or moderators will not be tolerated or replied to regardless of the nature of the report.
  • During peak times please expect a delay for controllers and moderators to reply. Friday’s are especially busy along with weekends. Controllers and moderators have lives and will take an adequate amount of time to review. Please be patient.
  • If your report is reversed, please restart your app to see the change.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about the proper way to handle report procedures. Pilots and controllers are human and make mistakes. These procedures are designed to provide a resolution to valid cases that require reversal. Not every report that is questioned will be reversed. Moderator decision is final.

Don’t forget, a report isn’t a punishment. It’s an opportunity for you to learn and improve. Are you familiar with our tutorials? Go and have a look at the #tutorials category and visit Infinite Flight on YouTube for more helpful guides.