Input lags

Hello everyone,
In the last days I noticed that my inputs are sometimes happening with a delay of around 1sec or a bit less and that’s really annoying in especially sensitive planes. The issue is mostly in fighters. My device is an iPad Pro 2019. (I tried restarting the app, reinstalling the app, restarting device, setting defaults in the sensitivity settings)
Thanks in advance

It could be your WiFi if that’s not strong enough

Are you around a large amount of traffic? Inputs times I’ve seen decrease with a lot of traffic in the area but that’s my experiences. If so, I’d lower your aircraft count perhaps.

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Very unlikely because I have it since around 5 weeks and my connection hasn’t changed…

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No it always was with around 5 planes or something

What graphics settings are you on as it may be overwhelming your device causing longer response times

They are on maximum but it’s the same with the internet connection I haven’t changed them and it’s not always…

Try setting your graphics a little lower to attempt to reduce stress on your device. I’d turn off anti-aliasing as it says on that tab “ Not supported on all devices and can run very slow“

If you are using the latest version of iOS then that is the problem and not IF. I have been experiencing slow downs and even my games freezes for a few seconds.

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It’s not freezing it’s just lagging when I want to turn to the left for example

I tried that but it sadly didn’t help.😕

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