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Hello! I’ve been interested in flight simulators games and I’ve tried almost all of the ones in the iOS app store however none are sophisticated or interesting enough. I would like this communities opinion to help me decide if I should download Infinite Flight. Hopefully I’m not sounding stupid but I I do have some questions.

Do you have to pay for extra features when you buy the game?
Does Infinite Flight Live come with the game?
How much memory would the game waste?
How long are the plane journeys and is it battery-consuming?
Does it take a lot of data or internet for the game to load?

If someone can answer all of these questions, I’ll appreciate it! :)


I really like it, ive learned a lot and its as realistic as any other ones I looked at , so I would say yes.


BTW you pay one fee per yr and you get all the aircraft and airports


i think infinte flight is the best flight sim on mobile devices as the developers are always working hard to add new features to the game (including global flight very soon).

You do get a good amount of aircraft/scenary for free when you get the game and you can buy more if you want to. live costs me $6.00 NZD which is like $3.00 USD a month and like $2 pounds. Live is great as it offers Real weather data realistic air traffic control and big events where lots of people fly.

The game is quite small at first but as you download more planes/scenery it will add a bit i think it will take up 350mb of space. I recommend you get infinte flight.


Yes, there are some in-app purchases. You can buy regions, aircraft, and Live or Live+. There are some free features available, though.

It does, however you need to purchase a subscription to use. Live gives you 1 month for $5 and Live+ gives you 12 months for $50. With Live+, you are able to buy all the planes and regions (until your subscription ends) for free so I highly recommend you purchase that, if able.

It depends on your device.

Plane journeys can be as long as you want them to be, hence the name Infinite Flight and yes, it is battery consuming like every other app.

It shouldn’t take a lot of data. If you are using Live, you do need a stable internet connection.

Hope this helps! :)


It’s optional. The more you pay, the more you get and the more statisfying the experience will be.

No. It is a paid subscription server. You can purchase monthly or yearly (yearly also includes all aircraft and regions).

It doesn’t “waste” any. It currently uses about 1gb. That will soon be changed when the all new global flight is released. Will most likely decrease device storage usage as they will be using a new online cloud system instead.

They are as long as you make them. It isn’t overly consuming of battery, although it will use some.

If you’re using live is the only time internet would be needed (unless you’re purchasing something in-app). Live doesn’t use much internet honestly.

Personally, I highly recommend Infinite Flight. You won’t regret it.


Well you literally just posted the exact same thing. Lol.


Here is my opinion/answer:

  1. There is some in-apps but most of the money earned is going to a good cause.
  2. Yes live does come with the game but you will need to buy it. You can get “Live” which is one month (I get this) and “live+” which is a lot more expensive than the one month but is a lot better as you get ALL aircraft and regions in the simulator. (Only till the subscription ends)
  3. Honestly I have no idea
  4. You can make the journey as long as you want! But we will have global coming soon meaning the regions will be abolished. It is battary comsuming for me as I have it all on high or extreme
  5. You can play infinite flight offline (solo) which takes up no internet. For me when I play on live it slows my internet right down, but that’s probably because my brother is playing plants Vs. zombies garden warfare on Xbox live

Mostly answered already, but just a comment on the IAP especially for love and love +.

The App comes with an excellent selection of aircraft and regions to fly in as standard. Most of the IAP cost between £4-5, UK prices.

‘Live’ gives you the multi-player option and able to interact with other pilots online, either flying or having a go as ATC. There are three servers to choose from, Free Floght ( for playing around, nothing serious!) Training Server where the various rules are put into practice and the Expert Server where serious siming takes place! There are some restrictions on gaining access to the expert server based on hours flown, experience ( XP points) gained etc.

With a monthly purchase of love, about £5, you gain access to all three servers BUT no additional features.

“lIVE Plus” is an annual fee for on line, as well as access to all three servers you ALSO have access to ALL aircraft and ALL regions for the price of £50.

Overall Live Plius is the best value for money.

If you are looking for a Flight Sim rather than a flying game on your mobile device then this fits the billl.


Also to add that the Developers ( DEVs) of Infinite Flight are Aviation Fans and pilots and have made this app for aviation fans and pilots.

There are a number of real life pilots, ranging from PPLs who fly C172’s all the way up to those who fly the B777 and A380 as their day jobs. These real life pilots say that flying with this app is pretty simular to the real thing!


Lol yep, combination of Auto-Correct and also writing early morning before my first coffee! But I do LOVE LIVE so it is app! :-)

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Interesting, hadn’t heard this yet. Where did you hear this?

Philippe said it. I can’t find the exact link for the life of me.

To sum it up in one quote …

“Great Simulator , Great Community , Great Fun !”

@CaptainJohn Hope to see you on the server soon :)

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Thank you for everyone’s input. I am very interested and would be willing to pay the monthly fee to play, however I am a bit hesitant to pay so much more for in-app purchases (then again it’s like real-life flying so it should be worth it?). Besides that, how real are the situations? Such as do engine failures occur occasionally or landing gear stuck? Maybe something like a rowdy passenger forcing you to land at the nearest airport? I also read that there’s a learning curve and would like to know how tough it is. Another question is can you buy planes separately for the offline version or do you have to buy the whole live packet. Honestly if the Live feature was cheaper I would immediately buy the whole thing (:P, wouldn’t we all?). I want to save some money however it seems that the Live feature is pretty popular and would enhance my flight experience.

Once again, Thank you for giving me your input!


Always good to ask the questions! There are no emergencies that are in the sim and as far as I know the devs are not considering adding that as a feature. Currently they are working on ’ Global Flight’ which will connect all the regions together. Very exciting!

With regards to learning curves, the basic skills are pretty straightforward, particularly if you have a little basic knowledge of aviation and how planes fly. As with most things in life good to start with learning how the smaller simpler planes work before moving up to larger ones. There are some great tutorials on this forum which can help you master the basics…and advanced parts of it! Also a number of Virtual Airlines ( VA) are in existence for infinite flight, some of these offer training programs, but not all so research those if you are interested.

Any planes or regions that you purchase will be available both on line and in solo mode once you have downloaded them. With live mode, especially use of ATC, really adds a new dimension to the app. Would suggest that you trial live for a month ( same cost as a region or plane) then you will see the difference. Live Plus ( annual) whilst it seems a big investment, is actually a big way of saving money as you get all the regions and all the planes in the app, both in live mode and in solo mode.

Have a look atone this forum, read the tutorials, look at some of the other info on ATC and VAs, get involved in discussions and ask questions.

Look forward to see you in the skies!


Buy the game and play solo for a while, if you like it a lot and want to invest more time into it, then buy Live. I played the game for over a year before deciding to buy Live. Just try it out first.


Is there no ATC for offline :(?

No, only when you play online and buy live