Innsbruck-Zurich flight report!

So today I did a quick flight in the Q400 from Innsbruck to Zurich. A truly amazing flight. I did the flight late evening so I got some late sunset pictures.


Server: expert
Aircraft: Q400

Takeoff roll at Innsbruck

Climb out…

at Cruise Over the mountains

Starting decent.

Approaching Zurich


Final and landing at Zurich
-121fpm landing

Parked to the gate next to some bigger aircraft.

Hope you liked my pictures. A really nice flight that I definitely recommend. Also approaching Innsbruck is amazing.

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Lovely shots! Innsbruck is always fun to fly into.

Might want to check this out too, considering that there should be no HUD in the screenshots.


Yeah, wasn’t too sure, didn’t think it would count as HUD


Some awesome shots you got there. Love the sunset in this sim! Dash-8 is underrated imho.

P.S. for future reference, it’s ideal if you can limit your post to 10 photos, as per the rules of the category, please?
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Apologies my bad

Cool pics! Innsbruck is a nice place to fly

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Sure is 🏔 ✈️ ⛰

I love them!
the mountains are nice!

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Thanks very much

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