Innsbruck to Munich - A321-200 Austrian

Hello I hope you’re all good
Today I completed a flight aboard the A321-200.
Here are some pictures from Innsbruk to Munich 😊
The flight was fine, only when I arrived in Munich there was a bit of 9kts wind, so I disabled NAV GPS and I went into manual as the plane was a bit off runway (visual approach).

Routes : Innsbruck (LOWI) ➡ Munich (EDDM)
Flight Time : 32 minutes
Airlines : Austrian
Plane : Airbus 321-200
Servers : Training


Beautiful I need to fly this route love the mountains.

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A (very) short hop over the alps, but great scenery all around for sure. Great pictures too!

You would have to use APPR mode if you want it to stay exactly on the approach track, but manual flying is the best way most of the time in my opinion anyways.

This is the first time I flew from Innsbruk and the scenery is beautiful, but a suggestion it’s better to take off from runway 08 ;)

Yes surely I will try this for the next flight, but there the wind was a little stronger at the beginning of the runway so I had to disabled the GPS approach.

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Love Innsbruck!


Like I said, if you can, flying manually is just the best way in my opinion. But if you want to do it (partly) with the A/P on, which is fine too, then APPR is the way to go for an ILS.

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Really nice shots there bud!

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Ik this is off topic but since the update appr is missing for me

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If it’s really missing, please make a support topic, but please be aware that it’s not available on every aircraft type and only with ILS approaches. Also there a many #tutorialsto take a look at before you need to make a #support topic.