Innsbruck Landing Challenge (Scores are Up!) @ LOWI - 201900ZJAN18

Alright, cool. Thanks for changing!

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No thank you for making a Landing Competition.

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We still have 5 gates open! Come on and join!

We may have a slight timing issue with the Destination Saturdays event. Expect a possible delay.

dont worry I will coordinate the landing of both but I will need to know the callsigns of the event participaters so I can judge the correct ones

Last call for signups!

Can we use any plane?

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If ur a judge do we be a plane

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Also, my name will be zuluwukududupoo

Judges should spawn as a C172 in GA parking.

Yes, any plane. Would you like a spot?

Just give me a spot plz

Ok… GA Hangars 02.

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Should I tell my Callsign?

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Sounds gucci to me…


As long as your IFC Username is the same as your display name in the game, you are fine.

Can my IFC username be my callsign?

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Sure, sounds perfect.

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Would like a spot please

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Alright, thanks for signing up! Where will you fly out of?