Innsbruck Landing Challenge (Scores are Up!) @ LOWI - 201900ZJAN18

Server: Training (Subject to Change)

Region: Que?

Airport: LOWI (Innsbruck Airport)

Time: 1900Z, January 20th (Subject to Change)

NOTAM: Put your landing skills to the test at one of the world’s most dangerous airports!

Each competitor will fly into LOWI from LSZH or LOWW. You may use which ever approach you like, just make sure it’s a real circle to land approach. The flightplan you use doesn’t matter, though I’d recommend using SimBrief. This should go without saying, but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you use charts. If you don’t use charts and follow the approach accurately, you can only get half points!

Landings will be judged out of 10; 10 being “You must be some kind of senior pilot!”, and 1 being “Who let you into the cockpit?” There are 3 criteria you will be judged on:

  1. Approach Precision
  2. Technique (includes centerline)
  3. Smoothness

(Slot Open)
(Slot Open)

Gates (at Innsbruck):
Apron 1: @Swiss
Apron 2: @JHearnden_Jgun47
Apron 3: @WardellStephenCurry
Apron 4: @Krunchy_Toast
Apron 5: @2PSHughes Apron 6:
Apron 7:
Apron 8:
(More will be added if necessary…)

Something to clarify: You are not signing up for which gate you will start at, you are signing up for which gate you will end at.

ATC Slots:
LOWI Tower: @callum5124
LOWI Approach: @A_Plane_Guy

LSZH Ground:
LSZH Tower: @Ryan_Vidad
LSZH Radar:

LOWW Ground: @Trio
LOWW Tower: @Trio
LOWW Approach:

ATC brought to you by the ATCEG image

I hope to see you there!

We may have a slight timing issue with the Destination Saturdays event. Expect a possible delay.

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Sign me up. I’ll depart from LSZS!,


I didn’t put LSZS on the list of departure airports, but it’ll work. Good location. I have you down!

ill join. LOWW please

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Have you down, thanks for joining!

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Can I be a judge for this

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Almost forgot about ATC! If the event remains in the training server, then we will need controllers for Zurich, Vienna, and of course Innsbruck.

sorry when is the event happening??im a newcomer to this website and dont know how to read the time of event.

Event is at 1900 Zulu

The ATC Event Group could handle ATC for your event. :)

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Oh, that’s PERFECT! I should have thought of that!

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Can I be LOWI tower.

We have people handling ATC now. If there are any slots left over, they will be open to the public.

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Can I have a gate?..

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Of course! Which airport would you like to spawn at?

Innsbruck Airport…

Yeah, but which airport are you flying out of?

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A little clarification:

The approach must be a circle to land approach from the east or west.

Last time I went to LOWI I saw no runway.

Actually I’ll be taking off at LOWW

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